• Track equipment location and performance
• Monitor operator performance
• Optimize equipment efficiency
• Verify equipment location

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KOMTRAX is Komatsu’s wireless equipment monitoring system. Through the web you can monitor your machine's daily activities and performance, review cautions and abnormalities, and confirm equipment location.

 What can KOMTRAX do for me?
  • Equipment productivity
  • Equipment indicators
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Operational controls
  • Performance indicators
  • Operation analysis

How do you access data?

Equipment data is collected via cutting edge wireless technology and transmitted to a secured, password protected web site. Provided you have access to the web, you have safe access to your data anytime, anywhere.

Contact our KOMTRAX Coordinator today to register:

Jeff McConnell

Ph: (913) 371-3822



What equipment is compatible with KOMTRAX?

KOMTRAX comes standard on the majority of Komatsu’s new model machines and includes lifetime free activation. In addition, any piece of equipment with a 12V or 24V electrical system can be retrofitted with KOMTRAX, including service trucks, utility machines and non-Komatsu equipment.

*KOMTRAX functionality is model dependent.




 Exciting News!

 For greater convenience, download the KOMTRAX Mobile App on your Android or iPhone. Visit your App store to download and register today!