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“One of the biggest factors in my buying decisions is dealer support. RoadBuilders has provided us great service after the sale, so we’ve continued to work with them from sales, rental and service standpoints. They take good care of us and they have quality equipment.” – Ron Blessing, Blessing Construction






“Everybody at RoadBuilders is great to work with. Parts, service, management – they all go out of their way to keep us up and running, and we appreciate it.” – Shawn Harders, Harders Dozer & Scraper Work






“If I have questions or need anything, they’re just a phone call away. And the RoadBuilders service department has been great. They understand the urgency associated with crushing and they understand that when I need help, I need it right away. Technicians respond quickly and make repairs right the first time.” – Brian Shank, Silex Group







“We handle most services with parts from RoadBuilders. Our salesman has been great to work with, as has our PSSR. Any time we’ve needed something, they’ve been right there to help.” – Roger Wortmann, Plumbing & Electric Service, Inc.








“Our first dealing with RoadBuilders was in Kansas City, when we used Komatsu excavators with attachments to help on our job. Based on our experience with them, we were pleased when they became the Komatsu dealer in Nebraska about a decade ago. Our sales rep and everybody in the Lincoln and Omaha offices go out of their way to provide the equipment and support we need to be successful.” – John Judds, Judds Brothers Construction




“We count on RoadBuilders for parts and service, and they’ve done a good job providing the support we need to be successful. We’ve been working with RoadBuilders for more than a decade, and I’d definitely say they’ve helped us grow.” – Matt Bevington, Valley Corp.





"RoadBuilders does an excellent job of making sure the equipment we buy and rent suits our needs. They service us quickly if we need it, and they have parts readily available. We've built a great relationship." - Chris Gratton, Kansas Heavy Construction


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0 Testimonials (1-0 shown)